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New Years Eve

I am always reminded on this day of the Stones River 1862-3 battle.  The two armies faced off against each in preperation for the battle which would begin in full fury on January 1.

It was the evening of the “battle of the bands” and the tear jerking rendition of Home Sweet Home  by all the bands on both sides.  During WWI there was a similiar incident when German and Allied soldiers called an informal truce and celebrated together in “no-mans-land”.  I can remember my own military experiences on New Years Eve.  Church services seemed so much more meaningful to all who attended. A sincere wish of Happy New Year was on everybody’s lips.

We can look forward to a better new year for many of our military as we have left Iraq behind after so many years.  We can only pray that some sensibility will prevail among our National leadership.

So I now end with a sincere wish to all who read this for a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Your Humble Svt.


just a thought about civil war health

We’ve all heard about the smell of CivilWar armies.  The hygiene was not as sophisticated as we enjoy today.  But these brave and tireless souls had other conditions to contend with.  The large herds of cattle and horses, not to mention the residue of the slaughtering process, brought flies a plenty.  Mosquitoes and black fies, (no see’ums) and other irritating vermin haunted these men all during the year.  Flees, lice and other nasty creatures were all but tolerated by the men.

Remember, the long periods of boredom punctuated by the short periods of stark terror, were the service life of both sides.

Here’s a bit about me…

I have been writing trivia quizzes for the St. Louis Civil War roundtable since 1997 and have recently published my first book entitled Collections of a Civil War Trivia Junkie.  It has 280 pages with over 150 photographs, index and bibliography and 25 lists of trivial facts about wounds of Civil War personnalities,  prominent women. coastal forts and other items not gathered in such detail.

I am a West Point graduate class of 1964, retired Reserve Officer, Master Gardener, wood worker and bird house maker.

I am a regular speaker at numerous venues regarding Civil War and other historical topics.


Largest cannon cast during the Civil War

Hi! This is my first blog entry so I am just getting started as a blogger.  Did you know that the largest cannon cast during the war was a 20-inch Rodman cast at the Fort Pitt Foundry in Pittsburgh?   Only two were cast and they are located on the east and west side of the entrance to New York harbor.  #1 is at Ft. Hancock on Staten Island and #2 is facing it from Ft Hamilton on the  Brooklyn side. They were never fired in anger but were fires in training and testing activities.

Each day as I gather some new facet of information I will share what I have learned.  I hope you will find it as intriguing as I am enjoying the exploration of the various little known aspects I discover.

Youir Humble Svt

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