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Largest cannon cast during the Civil War

Hi! This is my first blog entry so I am just getting started as a blogger.  Did you know that the largest cannon cast during the war was a 20-inch Rodman cast at the Fort Pitt Foundry in Pittsburgh?   Only two were cast and they are located on the east and west side of the entrance to New York harbor.  #1 is at Ft. Hancock on Staten Island and #2 is facing it from Ft Hamilton on the  Brooklyn side. They were never fired in anger but were fires in training and testing activities.

Each day as I gather some new facet of information I will share what I have learned.  I hope you will find it as intriguing as I am enjoying the exploration of the various little known aspects I discover.

Youir Humble Svt


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One thought on “Largest cannon cast during the Civil War

  1. Jim O'Donnell on said:

    Dear John, I might have a minor correction for you here. I grew up on Staten Island and was puzzled by your reference to a Fort Hancock there, because I had never heard of it. The fort that guards NY harbor on the opposite side of the Narrows from Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn is Fort Wadsworth, well known to all Staten Islanders.

    Your humble classmate,
    Jim O’Donnell, USMA, ’64

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