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Trans-Mississippi Symposium

I attended a 3-day symposium on the Civil War West of the Mississippi River at The University of Arkansas Aug 9-11. The subjects covered plus the three battlefields, Wilson’s Creek, Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove, that I toured were all very enlightening and stimulating.  The Pea Ridge Battlefield is a spectacular area and the story has several unique and memorable incidents.  The episode of the Grenville Dodge detachment making the abitis on the Bentonville Detour I believe is a first time I have heard of such a feat.  Gen Samuel Curtis’ 180 degree field reversal while protecting his trains is unique in American Military History.  Franz Sigel’s handling of the 21 gun battery on Welty Knoll is also a heroic and noteworthy event considering Sigel’s history.  I recommend reading up on Pea Ridge for anyone interested in the Civil War


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