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Happy Birthday Father Abraham

President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday will be celebrated this week on February 12.  He would be 204 years old.  A  remarkable American hero and politician who acted on his vision for the nation.  Unfortunately his birthday will me muddled into a President’s Day holiday so we can have a three day weekend.  This also obfuscates George Washington’s birthday of February 22.

Other Civil War larger than life personages have had their birthdays lost to all but a few of us die hard historically disfunctional enthusiasts.  Here are the birthdays of those I consider larger than life participants and contributors to the War effort. 

Winfield Scott, 13 June 1786. Union Commanding General and author of the Anaconda Plan which was the strategy that ultimately prevailed. 

Jefferson Finis Davis, 3 June 1808.  President of the Confederate States of America, and the iconic personage of Southern Independence.

Ulysses Simpson Grant, 27 April 1822. Architect and craftsman of the Union victory over the Southern Confederacy.

Robert Edward Lee, 19 June 1807.  Heroic icon of the Confederate cause.

Edwin McMasters Stanton, 19 December 1814.  The tough, determined and efficient Union Secretary of War who was Lincoln’s bulwork of support even as a political rival.

Stephen Russell Mallory, 9 January (?) 1812 in Trinidad.  The undaunted, creative and efficient Confederate Secretary of the Navy who did more than might have been expected to prolong the Southern chances of success.

Gideon Wells, 1 July 1802.  Federal Secretary of the Navy that placed the noose around the Confederacy and continued to apply pressure until eventually all outside assistance to the Southern cause was eliminated.

There could be may others added to the list.  Feel free to add your favorites.



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