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Some Points About Abraham Lincoln – American Hero

Abraham Lincoln was a spectacular human being and was courageous Presidential Hero.

Lincoln was the first president born outside the thirteen original states.

Lincoln is the tallest US President, at age 55 he was 6 feet 3-3/4 inches tall.

Lincoln is the only US President to hold a US patent.  No. 6469 was issued May 22, 1849 entitled Buoying Vessels Over Shoals

Lincoln is one of only two presidents to have served in the military as an enlisted man.  He volunteered with other Illinois citizens in the Black Hawk War, three times. He was once elected captain of his company.

Lincoln was baptized by a Baptist minister, regularly attended Presbyterian services with his wife, Mary, but never officially espoused any particular religious denomination.  He did believe in a Divine Creator.

Lincoln was a speaker at the 1856 Republican Convention and his remarks were so captivating that no one wrote them down-they were too enthralled with listening.  The speech is referred to as Lincoln’s Lost Speech.  Those remarks brought this backwoods attorney to National attention. 

Lincoln read from two books every day: the Bible and Shakespeare.

Lincoln loved to tell stories (parables if you will) to make a point and to entertain. He loved to laugh!

Lincoln was the first modern President because of his understanding of the importance of  the most modern communications and his use of the telegraph in the conduct of the Civil War was monumental.

Lincoln was a devoted family man. The Lincolns had four sons, Edward died before his Presidency in 1850, William died while he was in office in 1862 , Tad died in 1871 at age 18, and only Robert, the oldest, lived out a full life.

Lincoln was determined to keep the Union whole.  By his force of will and the sacrifice of over half a million citizens it was.

During his Presidency in 1862 the Homestead Act was passed, the Trans-Continental railroad was begun, the national banking system was created, and slavery was forever ended with the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment.

Had Lincoln not been martyred, it is possible that our African-American community and the rest of us, would be much better off  today.


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