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March 2013 St Louis Civil War Roundtable Trivia Quiz

St. Louis Civil War Roundtable – March 2013 

1. Every regiment carried two sets of colors that identified the center of their line. What was the color of the National color of the Irish Brigade?

2. What future US President was one of only two US Presidents to have served as an enlisted man and who was eventually brevetted to major for his actions at Antietam?

3. What was the famous Marching Song of the 7th US Cavalry, and what regiment adopted this song before the 7th Cavalry?

4. What were the major points of contention of the Molly Maguire’s who caused serious disruptions to the anthracite coal mines in Pennsylvania in 1862?

5. Who was the Irish Brigade veteran who became President of Notre Dame University in 1867?

 6.  Why is Gen. James McQueen McIntosh unique among this group of West Point stalwarts?  George E. Pickett, Henry Heth, Laurence S. Baker and James M. McIntosh and George A. Custer.

7. How many Union and Confederate Generals were Irish-born?

8.  What did these Confederate Regiments have in common?  Wheat’s Louisiana Tigers, Cobb’s 24th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, 10th Tennessee Infantry, the      Charleston Irish Volunteers, the 33rd Virginia (Jackson’s “rowdy Irishmen”) and the 1st Virginia Infantry Battalion?

                                             Copyright© 2013 John A. Nischwitz

The answers will be posted on the website in the Bushwacker section after the March meeting 27 March 2013.  (jn)



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