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September Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to this months quiz.  I haven’t been posting the answers here up until now but I have had several requests. So here they are.  The quiz was inspired by the movie Lincoln and  hope you enjoy the answers.

St. Louis Civil War Roundtable

September 2013

  1. What was the tragic difference between the outcomes of the battles of Poison Springs, Arkansas 18 April 1864 and      Jenkins’ Ferry, Arkansas30 April 1864?

At Poison Springs, 301 from the 1st Kansas Colored Infantry under Col James M. Williams did not return. They were slaughtered by the soldiers of John S. Marmaduke and Samuel B. Maxey.  At Jenkins” Ferry, members of the 2nd Kansas Colored Infantry returned the favor and killed an unknown number of Confederates.  Southern casualty reports are incomplete.

  1. What state has protested the portrayal of their voting block in the House of Representatives vote on the 13th      Amendment to the US Constitution?

Connecticut has protested the characterization.   Both Connecticut Senators J. Dixon and Lafayette Sabine and all four Representatives James English, Henry Deming, Augustus Brandegee and John D. Hubbard voted for the Amendment. 

  1. How did President Lincoln honestly answer the question “was there a Confederate Peace Delegation in Washington?”    

He had given orders that they were to be detained on a boat off Ft. Monroe, Virginia.

  1. After the passage of the 13th Amendment, state ratification was required and Lincoln needed at least two Southern states to amend the Constitution.  What two southern states was Lincoln confident would quickly ratify?

Louisiana and Tennessee were sure and Arkansas was a strong probable.  

  1. On what date did the House of Representatives pass the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery?

January 31, 1865.  Mississippi, the last state, ratified the amendment in 1995 but through clerical error did not inform the US Archivist of their action making it official until February 7, 2013. The required 36 states ratified in December 1865

  1. Why was President Lincoln is such a rush to get the 13TH Amendment passed?

He knew that once the South surrendered there would be not motivation to get the amendment passed.  He clearly understood the political principle that “it is imprudent to let any crisis go to waste”.


  1. What state was represented by Thaddeus Stevens in the US House of Representatives?

Radical Republican from Pennsylvania’s 9th and 8th Congressional Districts (consecutively).

  1. What college was Robert Lincoln attending before he came Washington, DC to enlist?

Harvard.  And Lincoln arranged a position on Grant’s staff for the last few months of the war.

  1. Who was the Republican power boss who Lincoln needed to support the House vote and what state was he from?

Francis Preston Blair Sr. of Maryland

  1. Was Congressman Josiah S. “Beanpole” Burton from Jefferson City, Missouri eligible to vote on the Amendment?

NO, he is a fictional character invented by Steven Spielberg for the movie.  

                 Copyright© 2013 John A. Nischwitz


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