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Civil War Roundtable of St. Louis October Quiz

St. Louis Civil War Roundtable

October 2013

(All these questions relate to my list of the most significant dates of the War)

1.  South Carolina, the first state to secede passed the secession ordnance on what date?

2.  When were the first shots fired in Charleston, SC?

3.  When was Ft.Sumter surrendered?

4.  When was Maryland secured for the Union and by whom?

5.  When was CampJackson captured securing St. Louis, Missouri for the Union?

6.  After the debacle at First Manassas the Union looked for a counterbalancing victory.  What was the first major victory of the United States in the Civil War?

7.  What event violated Kentucky neutrality and when did it occur?

8.  On what day was the  USS St. Louis launched?

9.  When was the Battle of Port Royal Sound and what was its significance?

10. Where and on what date did naval warfare see an irrevocable change in technology?

11. On what date did the Union win the victory that secured Missouri for the Union?

12. What Union victory effectively completed the Union blockade and when did it happen?

13. What was the signal Union success that opened the Mississippi River from St. Louis to the Gulf?

14. What Union victory had the largest political ramifications of the War and on what date?

15.  What Union victory helped secure Lincoln’ 1864 re-election?

16. What date sealed the fate of the Confederacy?

17. What event sealed the fate of Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia and on what date?

18.  Jefferson Davis was captured on what date?

19. What date was the official end of the Civil War?

 Copyright© 2013 John A. Nischwitz


There are other dates that have significance to the war.  What dates do you think supersede these in importance?



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