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Nov-Dec 2013 Quiz Civil War Roundtable of St. Louis

Here is the quiz for Nov-Dec 2013.  It is a collection of questions about Presidents and their wartime roles.  ENJOY!!

1. Match the future US President with the Civil War unit he is associated with:

a. US Grant                           (           ) 70thIndiana                           

b. James Garfield                (           )  21stIllinois

c. Rutherford Hayes           (           )  42ndOhio

d. William McKinley           (           )  23rdOhio – (pick two)

e. Benjamin Harrison

2. Who were the only two US Presidents to have served in the enlisted ranks?


3. What affliction did Gen. Benjamin Harrison acquire while in Georgia that affected him the rest of his life and resulted in his being known as “kid gloves Harrison”?

4. Who was the future US President that risked his personal safety to bring cooked rations to his starving unit, the 23rdOhio, in a wagon with only two horses, over a distance of two miles under fire at Antietam?


5. Match these Civil War veterans and future US Presidents, Grant, Garfield, Harrison, Hayes, and McKinley with their appropriate Civil War achievements:

Captured Vicksburg                                                                                    (                       )

Served on Court Martial Board of Gen. Fitz-John Porter                      (                       )

Brigade Commander with Sherman in Atlanta Campaign                   (                       )

First General officer commander at Belmont, MO                                (                       )

Brigade Commander at Cedar Creek with Sheridan                             (                       )

Elected to Congress and resigned his commission to serve                (                       )

Heroic actions at Antietam as supply sergeant                                      (                       )

Planned Tullahoma Campaign as Rosecrans’ Chief of Staff                 (                       )

Captured Forts Henry and Donelson                                                         (                       )

Cleared the KanawhaRiverValley of East Kentucky in 1861                 (                       )

Brevet promotion to major in Shenandoah Valley 1864                       (                       )

Brigade Commander at Battle of Nashville 1864                                   (                       )

Elected to Congress and stayed on until the war’s end                        (                       )

Heroically supported Thomas on Snodgrass Hill at Chickamauga     (                       )

Performed as surgeon at KennesawMountain                                       (                       )

Only US President to serve as enlisted non-commissioned officer    (                       )

One of two US Presidents wounded in action (Monroe was other)   (                       )


5. What were the Civil War nicknames of these five future US Presidents:

___________ Hayes, ____________Garfield,  ____________Harrison, ___________McKinley and ____________Grant?

6. What US President held the rank of Brigadier General in the Civil War but never served in the military?

7. How many words are in President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address? 

8. Who served as Quartermaster General for New York State in uniforming, arming, and equipping the over 200 regiments and 50 separate companies of state troops? 

Copyright© 2013 John A. Nischwitz




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