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Civil War Roundtable February Quiz-The Peculiar Institution

The February quiz will feature questions about the “Peculiar Institution” (a.k.a. slavery)  in recognition of Black History Month.  Having just celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday it is interesting to reflect not only on the condition of the enslaved and their plight but should we not celebrate the contribution these enslaved mad to our nation?  How many churches, courthouses, State and US Capitol as well as the massive amount of state, local and national infrastructure projects would not have been built had it not been for the skill, talent, strength and dedication of enslaved Africans?  Many were gifted craftsmen and women, contracted out by their owners for the projects, but never the less major contributors to our National legacy.  The bricks were made, the lumber cut and prepared, and the decoration of much of our Historic Landmark inventory is due to the efforts of these enslaved.  As much as we abhor their condition we should salute there contribution.

On a recent visit to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Carl B. Westmoreland, Senior Historian who echoes this sentiment.  A visit to the Center in the future should be on all our agendas.

St. Louis Civil War Roundtable

February 2014-“The Peculiar Institution” Henry David Thoreau


1. What is the current politically correct term used to describe the forced condition of servitude of Africans and their descendents in America?



2.  What is the name of the specific type of slavery that was practiced in the Southern States?



3. What Southern city had the highest percentage of free blacks in the Confederacy and the whole mid-Atlantic region?


4.  What is the significant difference between US Colored Troops (USCT) and the 54th and 55th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiments?


5.   What is a maroon?


6.   Match the following mixed racial group names with the appropriate name.

a. Quadroon                 (    ) African and Caucasian

b. Griffe                        (    ) African and Amerindian mix

c.  Mulatto                    (    ) African mulatto and Amerindian

d.  Zambo                    (    ) African mulatto and Caucasian                      


7.   The firm of Isaac Franklin and John Armfield merits what distinction?


8.   What state profited most from the triangle slave trade?


9.  Who were the “Lane Rebels” and what was their cause?



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