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St. Louis Civil War Roundtable March Trivia Quiz

1.  Who or what was “Faugh A Ballaugh” 

2. What were the furthest geographic points in the Confederate states?





3. Which of the following Civil War officers hold US patent: JEB Stuart, Ambrose Burnside, and George McClellan?

4. What famous Confederate general was the grandson of a US Judge and Speaker of the Legislature in Missouri?

5.  In August 1861 General John C. Frémont led a force of St. Louis Volunteers on the Bird’s Point Expedition.  Where was Bird’s Point?

6.   At the Battle of Fredericktown, Missouri, on 21 October 1861, the Confederate force under Brigadier M. Jeff Thompson was driven off by the Union force under Cols. Plummer and Carlin.  What was the strategic material that the southerners carried off with them as they withdrew?

7.     After working for seven days in the sixteen hospitals of Richmond, Virginia, the lady volunteers pinned purple Calycanthus flowers on their clothes for what purpose?

8.   Who was the highest ranking Union general to be captured in the Civil War?

9.  Name the Famous Grand Reviews of the Civil War.  Name all that you can and see if I found them all.

 Copyright© 2014 John A. Nischwitz


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