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You Think Todays Politics Is Convoluted-Look at The Democrat Party in 1864

In 1864 the war faction of the Democrat Party nominated George B. McClellan as their presidential candidate. Who was his running mate?

George Hunt Pendleton, was a Peace Democrat Representative from Ohio, who opposed the war from the start. The Peace Democrats at the Chicago Convention on 29-30 August included a plank in the party that declared the war a failure and demanded “an immediate effort be made to end hostilities. McClellan did not accept the nomination until September 8. He more or less repudiated the peace plank declaring “the reestablishment of the Union in all its integrity is, and must continue to be, the indispensable condition of any settlement…the one condition for peace.” The ticket was the youngest in history as McClellan was only 37 and Pendleton 39. Pendleton is most famous as the principle author of the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act of 1883, in response to the assassination of Pres. James Garfield. He did not get re-elected in 1864 and voted against the 13th Ammendment.

Consider a Presidential candidate and his running mate being so different. Peace and end the war or war until the south agrees to rejoin with or without slavery, the cause of it all? general and a peacenik side by side. And a peace plank that basically give victory to the South.

And the Convention was held in Lincoln”s Chicago. Who is supporting who? If this ticket gets elected and something happens to McClellan what direction does the country take-after all the bloodshed and sacrifice? Had Sherman not taken Atlanta these guys could have won-or could they?


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