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Trivia Quiz St Louis Civil War Roundtable October

St. Louis Civil War Roundtable
October 2014

1. Who are considered the most successful Confederate maritime raiders?

2. What was unique about Col. William H. Thomas of the commander of Thomas’ Legion of North Carolina?

3. Brigadier General William Smith, CSA was a pre-war lawyer who served five terms in the US Congress from Georgia. He was easily recognizable by what unusual artifact that he carried while drilling his regiment as well as exhorting them on in battle?

4. Match the name with the non de guerre:
a. Seawolf of the Confederacy              (     )John Taylor Wood
b. Nathan Hale of the Confederacy          (     )John Newland Maffitt
c. Swampfox of the Confederacy             (     )Charles W. Read
d. Thunderbolt of the Confederacy          (     )John Singleton Mosby
e. Seaghost of the Confederacy             (      )Sam Davis
f. The Prince of Privateers                (      )M. Jeff Thompson
g. The Gray Ghost                          (       )John Hunt Morgan

5. What Civil War battlefield included these topographic features in the Confederate defensive position: Taylor’s Hill, Stansbury Hill, Willis Hill (a.k.a Cemetery Hill), Telegraph Hill, Howison’s Hill and Landsdown Valley? Note: these places are commonly referred to by one collective name.

6. Civil War units depleted by casualties were normally replaced by new volunteer units from their home states except one Union state that provided individual replacements to existing units maintaining the organization, discipline and experience of the unit. What state was it?

7. What was George B. McClellan’s official title during the Peninsula Campaign?

8. What Civil War operation featured an extraordinarily well coordinated offensive maneuver of several units all of which arrived simultaneously at their destination?

copyright© 2014 John A. Nischwitz


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