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January St Louis Civil War Roundtable Quiz

St. Louis Civil War Roundtable
January 2015

1. What state had the most citizens arrested without the protection of writs of Habeas Corpus during the Civil War and approximately how many?

2. Chief Justice Roger B. Taney, in writing his opinion in the Scott vs. Sandford decision, said Dred Scott had no standing in the courts for what reason?

3. Who is the only Confederate serviceman who died on duty and was buried abroad?

4. What was the first battle where RE Lee led Confederate troops in the field?

5. When Gen. Sherman’s army left Savannah and headed into South Carolina, the worst obstacle to the advance was what river in South Carolina? This river obstacle was considered impassable by Confederate Generals Hardee and Joe Johnston.

6. What general was described by R. E. Lee as “all lion and none of the fox”?

7. What two munition items were produced in Federal arsenals and armories in quantities
greater than 1 billion between 1861 and 1866?

8. In what 1864 confrontation did Union cavalry attack enemy pickets by wading chest deep
through a river and firing on the enemy from underwater?

Copyright© 2015 John A. Nischwitz


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