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February St. Louis Civil War Roundtable Quiz

St. Louis Civil War Roundtable
February 2015

1. Match the following laws with the African-American rights they affected: (all of these laws and racial progress were made possible by Union victory in the Civil War)
( ) Abolished slavery

( ) Provided citizenship and equal protection of the law
( ) Guaranteed black voting rights
( ) Abolished racial discrimination in military
( ) Allowed state sponsorship if separate but equal

( ) Declared separate but equal doctrine unconstitutional
CHOICES:                                        A.15th Amendment 1869

B. Plessy Vs. Ferguson 1896

C. Brown Vs Board of Education

D. 14th Amendment 1868

E. Presidential Executive Ord. 9981

F. 13th Amendment 1865

2. What personal item of equipment was first commonly available during the Civil War and changed forever how people functioned? President Lincoln was given one of these in 1863 after his Gettysburg Address and it is now in the Smithsonion Institution.

3. What North Carolina Indian tribe guided Sherman’s army as it headed into their state?

4. The Union Army of the West was effectively constituted twice during the Civil War. Who were the two commanders and where did the army come together each time?

5. What 1862 Trans-Mississippi battle maneuvered around a geographic feature called Big Mountain?

6. What Civil War battles are known for the slaughter of surrendering US Colored Troops?

7. How many black surgeons served in the Union army during the Civil War?

Copyright© 2015 John A. Nischwitz


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