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March Quiz Answers

St. Louis Civil War Roundtable
March 2015

1. What was the national origin of the defenders at Ft. Griffin during the 8 September 1863 battle in East Texas?
The forty-four defenders of the Davis Guards were all from Ireland under the command of Lt. Richard W. Dowling. To break the day-to-day monotony, the gunners practiced firing artillery at range markers placed in the river. Their resultant efficiency defeated a Federal force of over 5000 troops on transports and four gunboats. They took 200 prisoners with no losses during the battle named the Second Battle of Sabine Pass.
2. What great monument in New York state is affectionately referred to by un-reconstructed Confederates as “ The Monument to Southern Marksmanship”?
Battle Monument at West Point which was paid for by a 6% payroll deduction of all Federal soldiers after the war. It memorializes all the Regular Army dead during the War.
3. What event on the White River during the Battle of St. Charles, Arkansas on 17 June 1862 is considered by many as the luckiest shot of the war?
The Confederate defenders of the bluffs under Captain Joseph Fry, CSN fired a cannon shot through a porthole of the ironclad USS Mound City exploding the steam drum and scalding to death about 129 of the crew of 175. The boat was put out of action and towed to Memphis for repair and refitting. The Mound City served throughout the rest of the war participating in the Vicksburg, Red River, Steele’s Bayou and Grand Gulf campaigns. The shot that killed Gen. Leonidas Polk is also considered a very lucky shot by a 3-inch Parrot Rifle.
4. What was the Missouri connection of Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper artist Henri Lovie?
As a “special artist” Lovie was sent in February 1861 to follow Abraham Lincoln from Springfield, Illinois to Washington D.C. for the presidential inauguration. In June 1861, Lovie obtained permission to join the Federal Expeditionary Forces going up the Missouri River under the command of Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyons to capture Jefferson City and Boonville, the headquarters of the Missouri state militia. The campaign ended with a Union retreat after the Battle of Wilson’s Creek where Lovie famously recorded the death of General Lyon.
5. What Union general, commanding an amphibious operation off the Atlantic coast, transferred himself and his staff to the most un-seaworthy vessel to demonstrate to his army that he was willing to share their risks and thereby earned their undying devotion?
Gen. Ambrose Burnside at the Battle of Roanoke Island, NC, 7-8 February 1862, moved his headquarters to the gunboat USS Picket when the weather turned foul and most of the command became terribly seasick.
6. Who succeeded the following generals after their battlefield death or serious wounding?
a. Maj. General John F. Reynolds, commander of I Corps killed at Gettysburg
b. Maj. Gen. James McPherson, commander of Army of the Tennessee killed at Atlanta
c. General Albert Sidney Johnston, Confederate Army commander killed at Shiloh
d. Lieut. General Leonidas Polk, Confederate III Corps Commander killed at Pine Mountain
e. Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon, Union Army commander killed at Wilson’s Creek
f. Maj. Gen. JEB Stuart, commander of the Confederate Cavalry Corps killed at Yellow Tavern
g. Lieut. General T. J. Jackson, Confederate II Corps Commander wounded at Chancellorsville
ANSWERS: a. MG Abner Doubleday; b. MG John Logan; c. Gen. PGT Beauregard; d. MG William W Loring later by MG Alexander P. Stewart; e. Major Samuel D. Sturgis; f. MG Wade Hampton; g. MG JEB Stuart

Copyright© 2015 John A. Nischwitz


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