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December 2015 Roundtable Quiz

St. Louis Civil War Roundtable
Nov-December 2015

1. What tradition, that still exists in the South today, about a New Year’s Day culinary delicacy owes its origin to Sherman’s March through Georgia?

2. Muppet master Jim Henson may have inherited some of his artistic talent from what Confederate cartographer, who was a protégée of Jedediah Hotchkiss in Jackson’s Corps, a veteran of the US Coast Survey organization, and his grandfather?

3. What Confederate state capitals were ransacked and burned by General Sherman and his army during the war?

4. What Confederate unit attacked in white uniforms and routed the enemy?

5. The Union Army of the West was effectively constituted twice during the Civil War. Who were the two commanders and where did the armies come together each time?

6. What is unique about colored Union Private J. R. Kealoha, who recently was given a civilian tombstone for his unmarked grave?

7. What were the political parties of the Confederacy?

8. What company invented the first automated candy making machine and advertised their product for families to send to Union servicemen during the Civil War?

9. What Civil War battles included a forced river crossing against an enemy actively defending
the far shore? (I have 5 there may be more)

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