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March 2016 CW Roundtable Quiz Answers

1. Who appointed George Pickett to the United States Military Academy Class of 1846?
Representative John T Stuart (D-Illinois) in 1842. Pickett was in Springfield studying law with Lincoln and Stuart who arranged the appointment. Pickett would never allow harsh comments about Lincoln in his presence. It is rumored that when Lincoln was in Richmond after the fall, he called upon Pickett’s home and met his wife, Sally, and kissed his baby boy. He introduced himself as “Abraham Lincoln, a friend”. Lincoln was a US Representative from 1847-49
2. What two brothers attended Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine in the 1850’s? One went on to attend the US Military Academy the other didn’t. One became a general in the Civil War and the other was his aide. Both brothers were wounded during the war.
Oliver Otis Howard (USMA 1854) and his younger brother Charles Henry were from Leeds, Maine. Oliver lost his right arm at Fair Oaks. Charles was wounded in the leg at Fair Oaks and again at Fredericksburg. Charles was discharged as a brigadier general being promoted 15 April 1865.
3. What was the common name normally used for the “Griffin Gun”?
The three-inch Ordnance Rifle, invented by John Griffin and manufactured at the Phoenix Iron Company in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. This durable wrought iron rifle was considered the favorite of the cannoneers and was deadly accurate at anything under a mile.
4. What anti-emancipation Democrat was a frequent visitor to the White House?
Representative John T. Stuart was a favorite cousin of Mary Todd Lincoln and as a member of Congress after his election in 1862 over Republican Leonard Swett was a frequent visitor at the White House even though he was opposed to some Lincoln policies. He was defeated in 1864 by Republican Shelby Moore Cullom, a Lincoln ally.
5. When the 1st Maryland (CS) Infantry Regiment assaulted Culp’s Hill on 3 July 1863 at Gettysburg it reported 31 and 1 killed. Who was the one?
It was the regiment’s black mascot dog, Grace. Union General Thomas Kane recalled, “He licked someone’s hand, they said, after he was perfectly riddled.” Kane ordered the dog given decent burial “as the only Christian minded being on either side.” The charge is memorialized by Peter Frederick Rothermel’s 1870 oil painting. It was the first Confederate monument at Gettysburg and met a great deal of resistance from the battlefield commission authorities. It was finally allowed to be erected and was dedicated in 1884. But the commission required it to be designated as the “2nd Maryland Infantry” even though the unit was known as the First Maryland Battalion at the time of the battle. The reason given was there were already two Union regiments designated as the First Maryland and the Confederate 1st Maryland Battalion had been re-designated as the Second Maryland Regiment in 1864. This is not to be confused with the 11th Pennsylvania’s famous mascot “Sallie”.
6. Who was the Pennsylvania born Illinois music teacher that as an 8-year old child had been kicked by a horse and nearly killed thereby developing a fear and hatred of horses? He became a famous Union cavalry leader and ultimately a major general.
Benjamin Henry Grierson, he organized the US 10th Cavalry, Buffalo Soldiers and served on the frontier until retiring in 1890.
7. Who wrote the bestselling “anti-Tom” novel Aunt Phillis’s Cabin or Southern Life As It Is?
While in Washington, D.C. Mary Henderson Eastman, wife of Seth Eastman, wrote the counter to Harriet Beecher Stowe’s history changing book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin or Life Among The Lowly. Defending slavery, her novel was one of the most widely read at the time and sold 20,000-30,000 copies.
8. What were the names of the two main company streets at Camp Jackson in May 1861?
Davis and Beauregard
9. Whose name was the last uttered by Gen. Thomas J. Jackson on his deathbed?
Major Wells Joseph Hawks, Jackson’s commissary officer. After Jackson died he was staff for Ewell, Early and in Pennsylvania Lee. Per Shelby Foote, “Shortly after 3 o’clock, a few minutes before he died (Jackson) called out: “Order A. P. Hill to prepare for action! Pass the infantry to the front…Tell Major Hawks…” He left the sentence unfinished. Seeming to put the war behind him he calmly said “Let us cross over the river, and rest in the shade of the trees”, the quintessential compliment to military logisticians including Grant, Sherman, Hancock and many others.
10. What Southern officers and personalities were honored throughout the Confederacy upon their deaths? (I have six. How many can you name?)
MG James Ewell Brown Stuart
LTG Leonidas Polk
BG John Hunt Morgan
Major John Pelham
Mrs. Rose O’Neal Greenhow
LTG Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson


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