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May 2106 Quiz ST Louis Civil War Roundtable

St. Louis Civil War Roundtable – May 2016
1. What were the “omnibus promotions”?

2. In what speech did President Lincoln say, “You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong”?

3. On the morning of 4 April 1865 President Lincoln arrived at what southern city to tour the vicinity? On what conveyance did he arrive? What horse did he ride on the tour?

4. Many are familiar with the story of the Confederate horse artilleryman Gallant Major Pelham. Who was the Union horse artilleryman who rode to the aid of the assaulting Federals? He was memorialized by an 1886 ink drawing entitled Fall of the Leaders?

5. Who are buried in the only two mausoleums in Arlington National Cemetery?

6. Which is larger Ft Jefferson or Ft Sumter?

7. On 20 October 1863 Col. Frank Wolford’s “Wild Riders” of the 1st Kentucky (Union) Cavalry was bested by Confederate cavalrymen of the 8th Tennessee under Col. George Dibrell and Col. J. J. Morrison at Philadelphia, Tennessee. What was the interesting logistical reason that this Federal defeat?

8. Who was Robert Walter Weir and what influence did he have on Civil War officers?

9. St Andrew’s Bay, Florida was the site of 1862-63 raids and amphibious assaults to destroy a Confederate production site of what strategic commodity?

10. What two very high ranking Confederate generals shared a Southern cavalry nephew?

11. What was the name of the Lincoln Funeral Train rail car?

12. How many Confederate officers or soldiers received brevet promotions?

13. What was the name of the vessel Admiral D. D. Porter sent to rescue the USS Indianola from rebel forces on the Lower Mississippi River in March 1863?

14. What Civil War families provided more than one family member who became a general, admiral or a recognized Civil War hero? (I have 15 there are probably more. How many can you list?

Copyright ©John A. Nischwitz 2016


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